Strategic Planning for Successful Airport Infrastructure

Airports are fascinating, dynamic and very complex. We believe that clearly structured and flexible development planning is the key to successful long-term airport infrastructure. Keeping future requirements in mind, we help our clients find strategic long-term solutions for the development of their airports.

Airports are like small cities: they need to be able to develop efficiently, respond to change and expand. And, as with cities, a variety of user groups with differing requirements place different demands on the infrastructure. So, in the development of airports and airport buildings, it’s not just technology and architecture that count. In addition there are always organisational, economic, social and political dimensions to consider. A strategic development plan needs to take all of these into account and find a balance that is tailor-made to the airport in question.


amd.sigma specialises in this area and has extensive experience of all aspects of airport development. We guide strategic development and design infrastructure that is inherently adaptable to change. Our team of expert consultants advise on privatisation projects, prepare the relevant proposals and provide recommendations regarding both internal and external communication.

We are thorough, pragmatic, down-to-earth and, at the same time, deeply passionate about what we do. We combine our team’s long-standing experience in the sector and our passion for strategic thinking to support our clients in dealing effectively with the complexity of their projects.


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Cooperation Munich Airport International

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Real estate specialist on board

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