amd sigma news: Terminal Expansion at Nice Airport

Terminal Expansion at Nice Airport

The expansion project in Nice marks the first time that amd.sigma is providing consulting services for an airport project in neighboring France. Aéroport Nice Cote d'Azur is France’s third-largest...

amd sigma news: Terminal Development Concept for Cologne Airport

Terminal Development Concept for Cologne Airport

How do you optimize an existing airport terminal so that you not only strategically direct the flow of the increasing number of passengers that must be accommodated, but, at the same time, improve passenger...

amd sigma news: Kick-Off for Construction on T2 at BER

Kick-Off for Construction on T2 at BER

There is much speculation about the airport’s actual opening date – but amd.sigma is already at work helping BER prepare for it. In June 2018, building authorities gave the green light for...

amd sigma news: amd.sigma becomes even more international

amd.sigma becomes even more international

We are very pleased to welcome our much-valued colleague Birger Strüfing back to amd.sigma. Birger returns to us after spending a year working as a consultant at Munich Airport, bringing with him a wealth...

amd sigma news: Masterplan for Malta Airport

Masterplan for Malta Airport

Full of Mediterranean flair and cultural heritage, the popularity of the small island nation of Malta as a holiday destination is always growing. This trend is also seen in the passenger numbers at Malta...

amd sigma news: Project Development for Airport Buildings: Creating More Space While Minimizing Risks

Project Development for Airport Buildings: Creating More Space While Minimizing Risks

Hamburg Airport has one thing in common with many airports located close to major European cities: a scarcity of room for expansion. As passenger numbers increase, these airports quickly reach the limits of...

amd sigma news: Increasing Efficiency Through a Strategic Approach

Increasing Efficiency Through a Strategic Approach

This article reflects the question of how the need for long-term efficiency improvement at airports can be met through an adapted masterplanning process. It particularly focuses on the early phase of capacity...

amd sigma news: Greater complexity needs holistic planning

Greater complexity needs holistic planning

It’s time to wave a final goodbye to the air travel industry’s traditional engineering-driven, linear approach to airport masterplanning. In a time of profound change and disruptions with many...

amd sigma news: BER Masterplan 2040

BER Masterplan 2040

Too small from the start? We show that Berlin Brandenburg Airport will certainly be up to the demands on it. With the Masterplan 2040, we presented a roadmap for the long-term expansion of BER, ensuring the...

amd sigma news: Impetus for Fraport Brazil

Impetus for Fraport Brazil

Commissioned by Fraport Brazil, we produced a concept planning for the Brazilian airports Fortaleza and Porto Alegre. Thanks to Fraport’s takeover, the two airports are being modernised and expanded. Our...

amd sigma news: Cooperation Munich Airport International

Cooperation Munich Airport International

Our longstanding client München Airport has restructured its international activities by founding a subsidiary. As of mid-2017, worldwide consulting tasks are carried out by Munich Airport International...

amd sigma news: Real estate specialist on board

Real estate specialist on board

The real estate sector will become an increasingly important factor for airports’ overall profitability in future. So we’re pleased to have an expert in the field on board, since the summer of 2016:...

amd sigma news: Airport 4.0

Airport 4.0

Autonomous parking, robot baggage transport, green airports. It might sound like science fiction, but in fact it’s what our masterplanning is looking at right now. Digitalisation and automation will...

amd sigma news: Cuba is on the move

Cuba is on the move

Cuba is on the move, there is no doubt about that. And this was already visible early this year before the death of Fidel Castro. In the heat of the summer and in a moment of urgency from the Cuban government,...

amd sigma news: Airport Hamburg, Germany

Airport Hamburg, Germany

In January 2016 we won an EU wide tender and received a new commission from FHG, who is now one of our longest standing clients. We have developed the new Central authorities centre and supported the functional...

amd sigma news: Fly in Village - Research Airports

Fly in Village - Research Airports

Airports and airfields are our daily bread. With these projects we find ourselves in somewhat unchartered waters as we have been entrusted with developing solutions for a new combination of challenges: Business...

amd sigma news: Airport in Moscow

Airport in Moscow

Tailor-made functionality, luxurious interior, exclusive design – planning for VIP and first-class passengers requires exceptional knowledge. We designed a VIP terminal for a major Russian airport in...

amd sigma news: Regional airport Tamale

Regional airport Tamale

In contrast, we have pursued a consistent low-tech approach in Ghana. As part of a planning consortium together with ILF Consulting Engineers and ACP airport consulting partners, we designed a master plan and a...

amd sigma news: Cruise Center Steinwerder

Cruise Center Steinwerder

Hamburg’s state-of-the-art cruise ship terminal CC3 can serve 8,000 passengers at the same time. The building was constructed within a very short execution time of eleven months until a successful opening...

amd sigma news: Belo Horizonte Airport

Belo Horizonte Airport

In 2013, a consortium involving amd.sigma, Munich and Zurich Airports and the Brazilian firm CCR won the bid to privatise Belo Horizonte Airport ahead of several other well-known competitors. We subsequently...

amd sigma news: Nizhny Novgorod Airport

Nizhny Novgorod Airport

In 2013, we undertook a development study for an high speed train airport train station, an airport city and a new district in Nizhny Novgorod. The study was conducted in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn on...