Strategic Planning for Successful Airport Infrastructure

Airports are fascinating, dynamic and very complex. We believe that clearly structured and flexible development planning is the key to successful long-term airport infrastructure. Keeping future requirements in mind, we help our clients find strategic long-term solutions for the development of their airports.

Airports are like small cities: they need to be able to develop efficiently, respond to change and expand. And, as with cities, a variety of user groups with differing requirements place different demands on the infrastructure. So, in the development of airports and airport buildings, it’s not just technology and architecture that count. In addition there are always organisational, economic, social and political dimensions to consider. A strategic development plan needs to take all of these into account and find a balance that is tailor-made to the airport in question.


amd.sigma specialises in this area and has extensive experience of all aspects of airport development. We guide strategic development and design infrastructure that is inherently adaptable to change. Our team of expert consultants advise on privatisation projects, prepare the relevant proposals and provide recommendations regarding both internal and external communication.

We are thorough, pragmatic, down-to-earth and, at the same time, deeply passionate about what we do. We combine our team’s long-standing experience in the sector and our passion for strategic thinking to support our clients in dealing effectively with the complexity of their projects.


amd sigma news: The Biggest Challenge for German Airports: Agility!

The Biggest Challenge for German Airports: Agility!

In this article, I describe my views on the current state of German airports. I will show why I think that on-going operational disruptions are part of a larger threat to the future of the airports caused by...

amd sigma news: Terminal Expansion at Nice Airport

Terminal Expansion at Nice Airport

The expansion project in Nice marks the first time that amd.sigma is providing consulting services for an airport project in neighboring France. Aéroport Nice Cote d'Azur is France’s third-largest...

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Terminal Development Concept for Cologne Airport

How do you optimize an existing airport terminal so that you not only strategically direct the flow of the increasing number of passengers that must be accommodated, but, at the same time, improve passenger...

amd sigma news: Kick-Off for Construction on T2 at BER

Kick-Off for Construction on T2 at BER

There is much speculation about the airport’s actual opening date – but amd.sigma is already at work helping BER prepare for it. In June 2018, building authorities gave the green light for...

amd sigma news: amd.sigma becomes even more international

amd.sigma becomes even more international

We are very pleased to welcome our much-valued colleague Birger Strüfing back to amd.sigma. Birger returns to us after spending a year working as a consultant at Munich Airport, bringing with him a wealth...

amd sigma news: Masterplan for Malta Airport

Masterplan for Malta Airport

Full of Mediterranean flair and cultural heritage, the popularity of the small island nation of Malta as a holiday destination is always growing. This trend is also seen in the passenger numbers at Malta...